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Green Program

Environmental responsibility is increasingly important to the firm and to our clients. Accordingly, Clark Wilson has adopted a Green Policy to ensure that all firm operations, decisions and activities are undertaken in an environmentally responsible manner, minimizing our impact on our natural environment, without sacrificing the firm’s ability to continue to provide its clients with first class legal services.

The firm's green policy and efforts are managed by the firm’s Green Team, a group of enthusiastic lawyers and staff who, with the full support of the firm’s management, are working with Climate Smart to monitor progress, identify areas for improvement, and develop and implement more sustainable business practices.

Some of the "green" practices which Clark Wilson has already implemented include:

  • Stock paper supplies now include at least 30% post consumer content.
  • When purchasing office and kitchen supplies, giftware and equipment orders, we give preference to recycled, reusable and/or biodegradable options wherever it is feasible and practical to do so.
  • Office systems enabling paperless operations (including scanning and electronic filing options) have been implemented across the firm. Best practice guidelines and training are provided to facilitate and encourage paperless practices.
  • Closing briefs can be provided in digital format as an alternative to hard copy bound volumes. Most marketing materials can also be provided in digital format.
  • A "Green Room" has been developed for the firm’s intranet. The Green Room hosts resources such as our internal Carpool Connection, and provides a forum for circulating ideas and information about how to improve our office and personal practices.
  • In the Green Room and elsewhere, the principles of reduce, reuse and recycle are actively promoted. Reusable supplies are provided wherever possible, and paper, plastics, batteries, toner cartridges and most electronic equipment will be recycled.
  • Energy saving equipment (including light bulbs, photocopiers and flat screen monitors) are used throughout the firm whenever possible. In addition, best practice guidelines and instructions have been circulated to minimize the amount of energy consumed by electronic equipment that is not in use.
  • In co-operation with our landlord, office space temperature control and light timers are regulated to avoid over usage.
  • Heating and air-conditioning is reduced on evenings and weekends.
  • An online Carpool Connection tool encourages ride sharing among members of the firm.

Additional initiatives are currently in development.